Twin Summer Centres offers junior students the opportunity to come to England over the summer to learn English, make friends and have an unforgettable experience. Twin’s summer schools are accredited by the British Council, so students are guaranteed to receive the highest level of tuition and care. The centres are spread out around the south of England, so students have a choice of staying in a variety of areas, for example, in the countryside, on the coast, or in vibrant London. All centres are close to excellent transport links, so wherever students are staying, they are easily able to experience other famous places in the UK, such as Cambridge or Brighton. Excursions to exciting locations are included in a standard English course at all of Twin’s centres.

The centres all offer excellent academic and sports facilities, including swimming pools, dance studios and tennis courts. On a standard English programme, English Plus Standard activities, students have the opportunity to take full advantage of these facilities in the afternoon and evening activity sessions that will keep them busy and entertained when they are not in class. These activities are not only fun, but provide students with a great chance to make friends from around the world due to the high nationality mix, which encourages them to practise their English as much as possible. At certain centres, there are also supplement courses available: English Plus Tennis and English Plus Musical Theatre. These programmes add another dimension to students’ experiences in the UK, all tutors and coaches are professionals, and as well as improving the young people’s skills in either tennis or the performing arts, sessions are great fun.

During a summer English course with Twin, depending on the centre chosen students will either stay in residential or homestay accommodation. Residential accommodation is safe and comfortable, and common areas are perfect for students to meet and socialise with their new friends in the evenings. Twin’s host families are friendly and experienced, and ensure students feel welcome; staying with a host family allows Twin students to really experience British culture and, of course, regularly practise speaking English.

Choosing one of Twin Summer Centres’ packages of English language tuition, sports, social activities and excursions guarantees to provide overseas students with an unforgettable and enriching experience in the UK!

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Twin Summer Centres

British Council accredited

Twin’s Summer Centres are inspected and accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English. More >

Twin Summer Centres

Tuition programme

The Twin Summer Centre materials have been designed to provide a modern, structured learning experience based on an exciting programme. More >

Twin Summer Centres

Activity programme

The Activity & Excursion Programme is designed to provide students with an opportunity to practise their English with students from other countries while having fun. More >

Twin Summer Centres

Nationality mix

Every summer Twin Summer Centres welcomes students from more than 30 different countries around the world who choose Twin as their preferred summer language school. More >


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