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Modern and engaging English language learning experiences

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The materials used at Twin Summer Centres have been selected to provide a modern, structured English language learning experience based on an exciting programme which:

  • Develops a range of skills, focusing on speaking and listening
  • Builds confidence in using and understanding English
  • Expands vocabulary
  • Improves pronunciation
  • Integrates project work based on the full day excursions
  • Includes tuition booklet
  • Encourages students to develop their language skills outside the classroom during their stay in the UK or Ireland

All our English teachers and academic team are recruited to provide our students with high quality lessons. Courses are designed to meet the needs of students with interesting materials suitable to the level of the students. A qualified Director of Studies is present in each school to run the placement testing and to provide support and guidance for the teachers through the summer and to manage all aspects of the academic programme.

Course Content

  • 15 English lessons (60-minutes each) per week (21 lessons for Intensive) with professional teachers and no more than 15 students per class
  • Role-plays, pair work and preparation for excursions
  • Project work focused learning
  • Placement test, academic report and certificate

Each course programme includes the following:

Learner training which promotes developing learning skills and autonomy, and actively engages students in the learning process by making them aware of various learning strategies. This helps them how to learn and takes place on a weekly basis.

Excursion lessons are informative and provide students with interesting facts about the places they will see during their half-day and full-day excursions.

Excursion based project that allows learners to work together on a topic linked to their excursion destination. Each week students work on a different project which is covered over three days. The final stage involves sharing it to the whole group which helps them develop not only their fluency but also presentation skills.

Revision which is done in the form of self-assessment. It helps students to understand their own progress and recognise the language they still need to practise.

Sample topics:

Beginner Elementary (A2) Pre-Intermediate (A2+) Intermediate (B1) Upper-Intermediate (B2) Advanced (C1)
-Family and friends
-My home
-On holiday
-Free-time activities
-Food and drink
-Sports and games
-People and relationships
-A dream job
-State of the art
-Money talks
-Going to extremes
-A perfect world
-Team spirit
-Telling tales
-Modern-day icons


The programme gives students an opportunity to practise their English in different situations, and allows links to the activity programme. There is project work included to help students with their speaking, listening and pronunciation. Students also have excursion lessons which allow them to get the full benefit from their visit to the UK. Books are given to learners during the class time only and cannot be taken home.

Young Learners

We provide a different academic programme to children under the age of 12 by using different materials and making sure that the lessons are fun and communicative. 

Arriving at the Centre

Each students' English level is tested on arrival using a placement test which tests grammar, speaking and writing. The Director of Studies places students in classes based on test results, age, gender and first language, to ensure that the classes are well balanced. An induction class will take place after testing; students are given a Student Handbook and learn about some important cultural differences, rules and practical advice on the British way of life.

Students are placed into their new classes on the second day after the testing.

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