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We have a 24/7 emergency helpline to ensure the safety and comfort of students in our summer centres

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We understand that your main concern is that your child is happy and safe at our Summer Centres, which is why our staff will work to find the nature of any problems the students may have, and help to improve the situation. We also have a 24/7 emergency phone, ensuring that you will be able to reach your child (and vice versa) should an emergency occur.

Please see below for any frequently asked questions related to communication.

When will students contact parents?

Students are asked to telephone their parents on arrival to tell them they have arrived safely at the centre.  There is also a telephone at each school for emergency calls.  

What is the emergency phone for?

The emergency phone number should only be used for very important calls and emergencies.

The emergency phone is not to be used to ask where a student is, or to leave messages, or to ask if a student can change level, or to ask Twin staff to go and find a student and bring them to the phone!

Twin Summer Centres emergency number will be made available to students, parents and group leaders and is monitored 24 hours a day. 

Why shouldn’t parents call their children too often?

  • There is a settling in period for students to adjust to being away from home. During this time calls from parents can be more disruptive than helpful. If children are spending too much time on the phone with their parents, they are not spending their time making friends, or enjoying the many activities.
  • During the first few days parents should limit calls to emergencies only.
  • Part of the summer school experience is so that students can develop confidence, not only in English, but also in life skills. This means it is better if they learn to survive and to face problems without turning immediately to their parents. Twin staff are there to help students with any problems they may have.

What should parents do if a child phones home and is upset?

  • If upset children have called home, parents should encourage them to speak to a member of Twin staff. They who will act promptly to find the nature of the problem. We will then re-contact either the parent or the agent to provide an update.
  • All Twin staff want the students to have an enjoyable stay and be happy. For this reason they will find any issues as a matter of urgency, and will take suitable action.

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