Terms & conditions

These conditions set out the terms of contract between you, the customer, and Twin Group.


Please either download and complete the correct Twin Booking Form and either post, fax or email it to Twin Group, or book online. Please supply the relevant support documentation needed for your programme.

The applicant certifies that the information given in the Application Form is correct and acknowledges that any false information may compromise their acceptance for the programme.

As soon as Twin receives the booking form and support documents we will confirm your acceptance and send you an invoice for the full fees with your Certificate of Enrolment*.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that he/she has a valid passport and obtains appropriate documentation for entry to the hosting country. Twin and its affiliates do not accept any liability for financial loss incurred by failure to have the correct travel documentation or insurance.

Twin Group reserves the right to refuse any applicant who does not meet the programme eligibility requirements.

*Please note that further criteria are required for students requiring a General Student Visa and for Twin to issue you a Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS).

Please refer to the UKBA website: http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/

Fees and Payment

The student and financial sponsor are jointly and severally liable for all fees
and payments to Twin.

Credit card details must accompany all booking requests. Payment will be deducted from the credit card in the case of non payment and or cancellation.

A 20% deposit* (of the full programme value) is required at time of booking.

*Students requiring a Tier 4 General Student Visa or Child Student Visa, are required to pay the programme fee in full at the time of booking. A CAS number will not be issued unless full fees have been paid.

Your full fees are due 28 days prior to commencement of your programme.

The fees quoted are for a single advanced payment for tuition and accommodation.

Deposit and full fees may be paid in the following ways:

  • AMEX / MasterCard / Visa
  • International money order
  • Direct money transfer to Twin's bank account

All bank charges are the responsibility of the payee. Full payment is required to secure your booking.


Refunds are only given for legitimate visa refusals. Refunds are not given for any other reason other than those listed under the Cancellation Policy terms.

Transfers on arrival/departure

Transfers are offered at an additional cost. Please see our course fee list for information. It is your responsibility to provide us with arrival/departure details with a minimum 14 working days prior to tranfer - failing this, we may not be able to provide transfer as requested. Transfer bookings not cancelled with the required 14 days notice in writing must be paid for under all circumstances

Course Levels

It is your responsibility to ensure that your level is appropriate for the programme that you are booking. If we find on your arrival that your level is not appropriate for your chosen programme we will attempt to offer you an alternative programme, or if unable to do so we will not accept you starting at Twin. There will be no refund of fees in any case, and if we offer you a more expensive course or method of instruction then this must be paid for on arrival.

Age Requirements

Minimum ages for programmes are as published against each programme on our website or in our brochures.

Under no circumstances will underage participants be accepted on to Twin Group Programmes.

Public Holidays

Lessons will not take place on public holidays and there will be no reduction of fees should a public holiday fall during your course.


Before arriving in the UK, we strongly recommend that you take out insurance for your own travel, health, financial and personal security. Twin Group do not accept any responsibility or liability for these areas. You can take out your own insurance, or take out an insurance policy such as the International Student Policy, as offered by Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited which has been specially designed for overseas students studying in the UK.

Visa Applications Requiring Visa Support

Should you be required to apply for a General Student Visa under Tier 4 of the Points Based System, you are required to provide Twin with the following personal information before we can issue you with visa support:

  1. Clarification of your level of English, this should be suitable English language evidence/qualification as required by UKBA for your course type.
  2. Copies of the financial documents you will be using as evidence of funds when applying for your visa.
  3. A copy of your passport.
  4. Your telephone contact details in order to conduct a telephone interview with you to assess your intentions and ability to do the course.
  5. Deposit payment of course fees.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing to Twin Group. If notice of cancellation is received more than 14 days before the start of the programme, a cancellation fee of £100.00 will be retained by Twin. If notice of cancellation is received 14 days or less before the start of the programme, a cancellation fee of £100.00, in addition to the cost of 1 week's accommodation and any transfers booked will be retained.

For cases of cancellation due to visa refusal, see below.

Visa Refusal

If Twin Group has provided you with visa support, we will only accept cancellation due to a legitimate visa refusal and for no other reason. Your deposit/fees, excluding the cancellation fee, will be refunded after you have provided us with official evidence of your denied visa. Please note that accommodation and airport transfers will not be arranged before you have received your visa.

Shortening a Programme

If you are forced to shorten the length of your programme due to a visa extension refusal, Twin Group will calculate the value of the part of the course you have already taken (based on our published rates) and refund you the balance with the exclusion of the administration fee.

Non-arrival, late arrivals and absences

If you fail to arrive, if you arrive late or are absent during your programme, no refunds of fees will be granted. Periods of absence may not be made up with a free extension at the end of the course. In the case of visa nationals, non-arrivals, late arrivals and periods of absence will be reported to the UKBA.


Twin Group reserves the right to exclude participants from their programmes or remove them from their accommodation due to poor discipline or attendance. In such cases, there will be no refund of fees, and Twin Group takes no responsibility for the provision of alternative programmes or accommodation; and all transportation and related costs will be the sole responsibility of the student and sponsor.

Breakages, Loss and Damage

Students are responsible for any damage caused by them on Twin Group premises or in Twin Group provided accommodation, placement or other external facilities. Students will be required to pay for any damage, breakages or losses that they or their group have caused. Accommodation deposits may apply and will be notified on your invoice or joining details.


Complaints must be made in writing and submitted to Twin Group while the student is attending the course. Complaints will not be given consideration after a student has completed the course. After due consideration of the complaint the decision of the Principal shall be final.

Changes to programmes

Twin Group may at times be forced to make changes to services and reserves the right to do so. If a significant change needs to be made, the applicant will be informed as soon as possible. Please note that Twin Group will not be held responsible for any travel or personal costs incurred. Twin Group reserves the right to cancel courses, merge classes or provide alternative subjects due to insufficient student numbers or for other circumstances; or to run classes at different periods of the day. No refunds of fees will apply in these cases.

Study & Placement Criteria

Students are expected to attend fully and show commitment to study and while on placement, entering into the full programme activity; completing any homework and assignments to the expected standard of their teachers or supervisors. Students who do not perform satisfactorily will not be entered for public examinations. Student's performance will be relayed in future reports and references. Students who do not meet the attainment criteria of their course may be asked to repeat or extend their programme for which extra fees will apply; or asked to withdraw without any refund of fees. In visa national student's cases the UKBA will be informed with respect to the required visa conditions that apply. Students who apply for work experience or internship are required to provide a CV and understand that; no single specification of placement will be guaranteed; that one placement opportunity only will be offered by Twin; that full attendance is required and that the student must comply with the employer's rules and regulations as well as to the laws applying to the place of work and to follow all Health and Safety requirements and regulations. The student is required to operate professionally, with respect and courtesy in their place of study and work placement environment throughout.


Twin homestay hosts are instructed not to take fees directly from students or to enter into separate contracts. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a financial penalty to the student and termination of the homestay.

Students under 17 years of age at the commencement of their course will automatically be placed in homestay.

Deposits for accommodation apply and notice periods for changing or terminating accommodation apply; details of which are supplied with your joining details.


Twin Group will not accept liability for damages, for death, personal injury or any breach of contract or improper performance of the contract or negligence in situations where the claim arises out of circumstances, which were neither due to the fault of Twin Group or other suppliers because:

  1. The failure which occurred was due to the student's own fault.
  2. The failure was due to a third party unconnected with the provision of the services to be provided under our contract with you and was unforeseen and unavoidable.
  3. The failure was due to unforeseeable and unusual circumstances beyond Twin Group's control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised.
  4. The failure was due to some event that Twin or any other supplier could not foresee or forestall even with due care. In respect of damage other than death or personal injury Twin Group's liability will be limited to a reasonable sum. In respect of air carriage, sea carriage and any other matters governed by an international convention, Twin Group's liability in all cases will be limited in accordance with the applicable international convention.
  5. A state of force majeure exists

In the event that there is any defect in the service provided by Twin Group's or any supplier of Twin Group, you must at your earliest opportunity notify Twin Group and such other supplier immediately of such a defect. Such notification must be in writing or in an appropriate form.

Statement of Indemnity

It is understood in accordance within these Conditions of Acceptance that there is no refund of fees for any reason other than for a legitimate visa application refusal and that the fees may be varied at any time. The parents/guardians agree that if the applicant is under the age of eighteen, should any emergency (e.g. involving sickness or injury to the applicant) arise, the Principal or his authorised agent stands in loco parentis and may take any decision(s) he/she considers appropriate in the circumstances.

It is understood that except when insurance cover is for Twin Group and its staff, the student/guardian indemnifies Twin Group and its servants and agents against any claims in connection with any outside activity, transportation or expedition in which the applicant takes part in any circumstances involving:

  1. Any claims for damage, injury or illness to the applicant;
  2. Any claims which may be made by a third party as a result of actions or default by the applicant;
  3. Any costs and expenses incurred on behalf of the applicant or third party.

It is further understood that Twin Group and its servants and agents will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property, howsoever caused, whether in or around or outside premises operated or used by Twin Group, save only where liability is expressly imposed beyond exclusion by statute.


Student's and their parents/guardians agree that the student's imagery and achievements can be used for promotional purposes by Twin Group without written consent or notification.

Data Protection

Students may request a copy of any personal information that Twin Group holds about them at any time. All requests for this information must be made in writing to the Principal.

In agreeing to Twin Group's Terms and Conditions the applicant agrees that information provided to Twin Group, its providers or agents may be held on computer and may be retained even after the application has been considered or the course (if any) has been terminated. That any information held by Twin Group on the applicant may also be disclosed to third parties for any purpose which Twin Group, its providers or agents consider to be relevant to the continuing education of the students, the provision of the course or where the interests of the student require it.

Any variations to these Conditions of Acceptance are invalid unless agreed in writing by the Twin Group Directors.


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