Online Young Entrepreneur

Our virtual classrooms deliver engaging business tuition with an entrepreneurial project to develop more than just English skills

Online Young Entrepreneur

With Young Entrepreneur, you learn English but also skills that will help you progress in life, whatever you choose to do. Our teachers aim to:

-        Improve your spoken and listening English and vocabulary

-        Encourage “life skills”, through working in teams

-        Create a fun and enjoyable experience while teaching English

Working in teams, solving problems, being creative, listening - and persuading others.  With the fun challenges of this programme, you will work together over two weeks to take a product to market. You may even forget just how much English you are learning! 

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Programme information

Join your virtual classroom and enjoy a learning experience that will prepare you for the future!  You can see and hear your teacher and your classmates and really be a part of the class. You can interact with the teacher and meet children from other schools. Have a great time while learning about entrepreneurship - in English, so you will improve your English skills and be able to apply it in the real world. 

What does that mean?  Well, think of the difference between learning your own language in school and using if out of school – in the real world!


Fees: £199.00 p/w

          £25.00 registration fee

Age: 13 - 17

English level: Intermediate to Advanced

 What's included?

  •  10 hours of tuition per week 

We have tailored our timetables to accommodate for different time zones – so you can choose the tuition time that best suits you. 

BST Timetable







14.00 – 15:00 



15:10 – 16:10



17:00 – 18:00 


Day 1


Portrait of an entrepreneur

Mindful games 

Day 2

Business aims and objectives

A bottled water project: branding

 Photography session

Day 3

A killer product

A bottled water project: advert preparation

 Stay fit

Day 4

Time to take a RISC

A bottled water project: shooting the advert

 Problem solving session, e.g. desert island scenario or aliens have landed

Day 5



 Virtual tour with scavenger hun

Day 6

Elevator Pitch

A bottled water project: sales pitch preparation

 Virtual quiz

Day 7

Business etiquette

A bottled water project: sales pitch rehearsal

 Arts and Crafts (e.g. preparing a coaster from a toilet paper core)

Day 8

Making proposals

Networking and small talk


Day 9

The case against self-employment


 How to guide creation

Day 10

A bottled water project: sales pitch presentation

Feedback and wrap up

 Virtual tour with scavenger hun

Programme dates*

This programme is delivered through our interactive virtual classrooms from: 

  • 13 July – 24 July 2020


We have tailored our timetables to accommodate for different time zones – so you can choose the tuition time that best suit you. 

Our class sizes are age depentant - younger learners will have smaller classes.

Learners will need a computer/laptop or tablet with a stable internet connection to join the virtual classrooms

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