Career Skills

Developing work skills to help students prepare for their future

Career Skills

Available at Leamington Spa

Why choose this programme?

  • Develop employability and English skills at the same time
  • 30 hours (Career Skills Standard) or 42 hours (Career Skills Plus) of tuition across two weeks

Our Career Skills programme is delivered at our Leamington Spa summer centre as a two-week programme, that offers a fantastic insight into British culture. Our excursion options provide an extra opportunity to explore.

Our programme lets students develop the skills they need to help them start a career while encouraging them to think like a business owner. The Career Skills Plus programme provides extra lessons taught in the afternoons. Our range of activities ensures that students are kept just as busy out of the classroom too!


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Our Career Skills programme is made to help students develop the skills they need to start their career.

The programme is divided into 2 options:

  • Standard - 30 hours of tuition 
  • Plus - 42 hours of tuition

For closed groups, with a minimum number of 15 students, our courses focus on preparation for job applications, business skills and work-environment training. The Career Skills Plus option gives students an extra focus on employability skills.

Because English is the global language of business, experience from an English speaking country will almost certainly benefit career development.
Our exciting activities and excursions give students even more chance to improve their language skills.

Topics covered in our Career Skills programme include:

Course Topics Course Content
Self-employment Looks at the advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed compared to working under a contract. 
CV building and interviewing skills Students will learn and develop the important skills required to find a job, including how to write a personal statement, create a CV and how to improve Interview technique.
Telephoning Prepares students for conducting business over the telephone by focusing on listening for general comprehension and detail, as well as conversation and how to take and leave a message.
Dilemmas Develops techniques in handling dilemmas in the workplace including how to politely give an opinion, being objective and dealing with customers.  
Negotiations Teaches the methods of negotiating fairly and effectively in the workplace.
Presentations Improves student’s ability to create and give presentations while taking questions and describing information clearly and accurately.
Business etiquette Increases understanding of cultural differences and the types of behaviour found in the business environment.
Making proposals and the elevator pitch Develops the skills required to construct a proposal and deliver a pitch to attract business. 
Networking/small talk* Gives students an understanding of how to make connections with other people and how to conduct a casual conversation.

What employers look for in you, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking*

Aimed at further expanding the skills students need to find work.

*Career Skills Plus only

  • Residential single en-suite accommodation 
  • Certificate of completion 
  • 30 hours for Career Skills standard or 42 hours of tuition for Career Skills Plus combined across the two-week programme 
  • Leamington Spa: starting on 03/07, 17/07 or 31/07
  • Ages 13+
  • Minimum B1 level of English


*Subject to a minimum of 10 students enrolled for the same dates.

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