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Available Vacancies

Twin Summer Centres Information for Applicants

We want you! 

Thank you for your interest in working at Twin Summer Centres. The below information has been put together to provide you with as much detail as possible about working in one of our summer centres.


Centres running in 2023


Type Maximum number of students Age range

Staff Induction

Centre Dates
Leamington Spa Residential 150 8-17 3/07-4/07


London Docklands (UEL) Residential 207 11-18 30/06-1/07 2/07-30/07
Eastbourne Residential & Homestay Residence: 150
Homestay: 60
10-17 TBC 18/06-10/09
Dublin West Residential 180 10-16 TBC 2/07-30/07
Dublin Dundrum Homestay 100 12-17 TBC 2/07-30/07
Dublin Central Homestay 80 16-19 TBC 2/07-30/07
Waterford (SETU) Residential 150 12-17 TBC 2/07-30/07

In London Docklands all teachers and in some Irish residential centres some teachers will be hired on a non-residential basis  

Please note …

Management staff:

  • Must attend an induction delivered virtually on June 24th and 25th 2023 
  • Must arrive at the centre one day before the main staff induction  
  • Must be willing to take on the responsibility of designated safeguarding staff member, first-aider and fire-warden (training provided at induction) 

Teachers and Activity Leaders:

  • Initial contracts for Teachers and Activity Leaders are normally 2-6 weeks (up to 12 weeks in Eastbourne). Contract extensions are offered depending on performance and student numbers.  


Positions available (Click role name to see full job description)

Centre Manager

Director of Studies

Activity Manager

Senior Activity Leader


Teacher + Activity Leader

Activity Leader

House Parent


  • All roles have one day off per week; the day may vary from week to week. 
  • Accommodation and food are provided on residential programmes only though staff who are hired on non-residential basis in London Docklands are provided with lunch. Accommodation outside of the contract is subject to availability and needs to be requested at least two weeks prior to the staff induction for the days before the employment commences. 
  • Accommodation and food are not provided for staff joining our Irish homestay centres, although TWIN may be able to help with accommodation provision.  
  • All rooms in Leamington SpaLondon Docklands and SETU Waterford are single en-suite 
  • Bedrooms at King’s Hospital Dublin are shared ensuite bedrooms. You may share an ensuite bedroom with 1 or 2 other colleagues.  
  • Rooms in Eastbourne are shared with bathroom facilities shared with other members of staff.
  • You are likely to share a corridor or a flat with students and will be expected to assist in the event of an emergency. You may have to move bedrooms during your employment. 
  • Laundry facilities available at a small cost in the UK but no cost in Irish residential centres. 

Important information – all centres

  • Managers will be paid £380 (UK)/€400 (Ireland) in total for their 5 induction days (up to 7 hours a day) 
  • All other staff will be paid £140 (UK)/ €140 (Ireland) for their 2 induction days (up to 6 hours on day 1 and up to 7 hours on day 2) 
  • Returning Twin Summer Centres staff who worked for us in the last 3 years (from 2020) are entitled to a returner bonus paid at the completion of their contract. Management- £160(UK)/€160 (Ireland), teaching staff- £110 (UK)/€110 (Ireland), activity staff- £55 (UK)/€55 (Ireland). 
  • Staff may not take holiday during their contract, but are paid statutory holiday pay (calculated at 12.07% of gross pay in the UK and 8% of gross pay in Ireland) which is added to their salary and paid at the end of the contract.
  • You will be paid on the last working day of the month, generally 2 weeks in arrears 
  • You are expected to work on the final day of your contract and accommodation will be provided that night if required 


The application process

  1. Read the relevant job description for the role to ensure you have the skills, experience and qualification(s) required before applying. 
  2. Complete the application form online for the role you are interested in (see below) and attach your up-to-date CV 
  3. If your application is successful, we will invite you to a group assessment or interview. This will be held virtually. 
  4. Group assessments for teachers, activity leaders and house parents will be held once a week either in the morning or afternoon. Alternatively, we may invite candidates for an individual interview instead of a group assessment. Candidates will be expected to prepare tasks relevant to the position they are applying for.  
  5. Applicants for management positions will be asked to attend 2-stage interviews and perform tasks at the 2nd interview. 
  6. Candidates who have work for Twin Summer Centres in the past 3 years and are applying for the same position, will have a brief phone conversation instead of an interview/ assessment. 
  7. Candidates who worked for us 4 years or longer ago or are applying for a different position will have to go via the standard recruitment process. 
  8. If your interview/ assessment is successful we will issue you with a conditional offer letter and follow up your references. You will also be issued with a contract.  You must return your contract to secure your role.  Please note that your contract is subject to student number, and being fully compliant (right to work, a clear DBS/Garda vetting, police and prohibited list checks if necessary and suitable references) 
  9. All staff must have the right to work in the UK / Ireland. 
  10. All staff (including those from overseas) are subject to an Enhanced DBS / Garda Vetting and barred list check and must have a clear DBS / Garda vetting check before starting work.  
  11. If you are registered with the DBS update service, we will need your original DBS (ID number and issue date) and written permission to check your status online.  
  12. If you are not on the update service, you will be sent a link so we can start to process your application. Twin will cover the cost of your initial DBS check, but this will be deducted from your salary if you do not complete your contract.  
  13. If you intend to work for Twin again in the future, you must either sign up for the update service and renew annually, or apply for a new DBS check at your own expense. 
  14. All teaching applicants and academic management in the UK are subject to a Prohibited List check. If this isn't possible, an additional reference will be obtained. 
  15. Staff members who have worked overseas require a police check for the last country they worked in. 
  16. We require you to complete two online courses on health and safety and safeguarding before your arrival at the centre. Each course should take approximately 1 hour. 
  17. If we have not seen proof of identity or original certificates, you must bring them to your induction. Copies will be kept on file. 

We hope that we have provided you with all of the necessary information about working for Twin Summer Centres, however if we haven’t managed to answer your questions here, please do not hesitate to contact us on

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