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+Why choose Twin Group FAQs

Why work for Twin Summer Centres?
  • Experience. Working for Twin Summer Centres is a rewarding and varied experience – no two days are the same.
  • Shared goal. Everyone has the same goal: to have a productive and enjoyable summer! Productive and enjoyable for the students, the leaders, all Twin staff and the colleges. Twin is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for everyone, not just the students!
  • Weekly Teacher and Activity Leader development sessions. Summer centres are a great place for teachers and activity leaders to share ideas and techniques gathered from different sources and experiences. We would like staff to gain as much as possible from the experience.
  • Comprehensive paid staff inductions. We are constantly improving our inductions ensuring staff are provided with all the necessary information to perform to their very best.
  • First-Aid training for management staff. Students and staff’s safety is vital, therefore first-aid training has been included into management induction
  • Recognition. Based on students’ feedback, Twin Summer Centres award a Star Teacher/Activity Leader of each centre.
  • Opportunities to teach business English and employability skills/ Trinity exam preparation. This is a great occasion to gain or expand experience in teaching not only general English but also specialist courses.
  • Paid activity and lesson preparation time built into the staff schedule. Twin recognises the extra hours teachers and activity leaders spend outside of the classroom/activity to polish their lessons/activities.
  • The chance to try out new roles. Summer Centres provide staff with the opportunity to try out new things, for example to take on a managerial role for the first time. Experienced teachers that spend their year in the classroom abroad can test out if they would like to move into management by taking on a management role in a summer centre. Twin likes to encourage and help new managers to develop. One could start as a Director of Studies in a small centre and move to a bigger centre the following year, and maybe even move on to be a Centre Manager after that.
  • Opportunity to take on more welfare responsibilities as a House Parent. House Parent’s role is fulfilling, satisfying and absolutely vital for the positive experience and well-being of individual students.
  • Future Opportunities. Twin Summer Centres are part of Twin Group, a large and varied company, which can offer many different career opportunities, career development and progression. Several of the Twin middle and senior managers have worked their way through the ranks, or been recruited once they decided to relocate back in the UK from living abroad, on the basis of work done in summer centres.

+Who can work for Twin Summer Schools? FAQs

What is the profile of a Twin Summer Centre employee?

Twin values diversity and we aim to have a wide cross-section of people with different skillsets working in our summer schools. Even though the roles in summer centres vary, there are some attributes which are necessary to succeed in all areas. You need to be a positive, enthusiastic person, with the ability to motivate and encourage students. You need to be proactive and willing to go the extra mile to make the centre a success. Being a team player is key and integral to the running of the centre. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we should all share the same goal of ensuring the students have the best experience possible.

For further information on requirements for each role, please see the job descriptions.

I am not an EU citizen, can I still work in a Twin Summer Centre?

If you are not an EU citizen, you must provide proof that you are eligible to work in the UK at the application stage.

If I am not a native speaker of English, can I apply?

Twin will consider all applications from potential staff who are proficient in English. The summer centre is an environment to encourage students to improve their English language ability so we need to ensure all staff have a high level of English to facilitate this.

+Application FAQs

Do I need to complete the Twin application form?

Yes, we shortlist on the basis of your application form and attached CV.

I have worked for Twin before; do I have to go through the application process again?

If you wish to return to the same position you previously held, complete the ‘Returning Staff Application’.For different roles, you’ll need to fill in the 'New Staff Application

I am not available for the whole time the centre is open, should I still apply?

Managers need to be available for the whole time the centre is open, while teachers and activity leaders need to be available for at least 2 weeks over the busiest period, which may vary from centre to centre. If you have limited availability please contact us before applying.

How long are the contracts offered by Twin Summer Schools?

Initial contracts for Teachers and Activity Leaders are normally 2-3 weeks. Contract extensions are offered depending on performance and student numbers. Management and House Parent contracts are normally for the duration that the centre is open. Contracts generally range from 1 to 6 weeks. We are usually able to offer longer contracts for candidates who are more flexible.

Do I need to provide references?

Yes. References are checked to verify your previous experience; please ensure the contact information for your referees is accurate.

What is the induction process?

The staff induction takes place at the centre two days before it opens, and is compulsory for all staff. Management staff attend an induction in London on June 13th + 14th 2020, and arrive at the centre one day before the main staff induction to prepare and set up. The induction days are paid but travel costs will not be covered. We also require you to complete two online courses on health and safety and safeguarding before your arrival at the centre. Each course should take approximately 1 hour.

What is a DBS check?

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and to prevent unsuitable candidates from working with children. It replaces the previously used CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. All staff must have a clear DBS check before starting work. If you have an existing DBS check we will need to see it, but you must apply for a new DBS check in order to work at Twin unless you have a DBS check from another organisation for a similar role in the children’s work force that is less than three months old may be accepted. In this case, a new barred list check is still required. Twin will cover the cost of your initial DBS check. If you intend to work for Twin again in the future, you must either sign up for the update service or apply for a new DBS check at your own expense after 3 years’ continuous service or any break in employment.

+Working in a Twin Summer Centre FAQs

How many hours a week will I work?

Working hours vary per role and per centre, but days are long and split shifts are common for most roles. Please refer to the “Information for applicants” for more details. All staff will have one full day off per week.

How many days off do I get per week?

You will get one full day off per week, which will be confirmed by the Centre Managers once staff rotas have been completed. Centre Manager (if non-residential) and Director of Studies at Ravensbourne will get Saturday and Sunday off each week.

Do staff ever have the chance to move centres?

Due to changing student numbers and needs, staff will occasionally be required to work in another centre. We aim to keep staff in their chosen centre, however, this is dependent upon student numbers.

Is there a uniform?

Activity Leaders are provided with Twin T-shirts, which they must wear when on duty. They should wear practical clothing which is suitable for delivering the activity programme. Managers are expected to dress in a smart, professional manner. Teachers should dress smartly while teaching, and wear a Twin T- shirt during activities, excursions, and airport meet and greets. Clothing that is too revealing, ripped jeans and flip flops are not acceptable for any staff at any time.

What is a House Parent?

Any Activity Leader may choose to also be a House Parent. House Parents look after the welfare of the students in residential centres. In addition to their normal working duties, House Parents supervise wake-up and/ or pre-bedtime, are on-call overnight, take responsibility for day-to-day running of a boarding house, etc. (see Job Description for further details). Please state on your application form if you are interested in becoming a House Parent.

What will my duties include?

This will vary by role and centre, but most staff members will have to take part in activities, excursions, airport meet and greets, and supervision (as well as teaching for teachers of course!). Please see the “Information for candidates” for further details.

+Staying in a summer centre FAQs

What is included in residential/non-residential positions?

Residential centres: Accommodation on-site for the length of your contract and three meals a day*. Non-residential centres (London Only): Full board homestay accommodation in South-East London can be provided at a small cost for the length of your contract. Arrival and departure outside of the contracted dates (coming the day before and leaving the day after) might be available at extra cost. *If students are off-site on excursions, packed lunches will be provided for staff

Do all staff have single rooms?

All rooms in Leamington Spa are single en-suite. In Woldingham staff will be staying in either a single en-suite or single standard room. You may be asked to share a bathroom with your colleagues and group leaders of the same sex. Please, note that you may also need to use the bathroom facilities on a different floor. You are likely to share a corridor or a flat with students and will be expected to assist in the event of an emergency. You may be asked to move rooms during your contract

Can I leave residential accommodation in the evenings?

You may leave residential accommodation in the evenings if you do not have any supervisory duties scheduled. For health and safety reasons all members of staff leaving campus must sign out and sign in again on return. You must be prompt with your return time to the centre and be ready to start your duties at the agreed time.

Can I drink alcohol and smoke?

Do not smoke or drink alcohol in front of students at any point. This will be dealt with severely. Staff are reminded that they are expected to act responsibly at all times, on and off duty, especially when in the vicinity of young students.

Is parking available at your centres?

Limited parking is available at some centres, therefore we must know in advance if you intend to travel by car as a parking space is not guaranteed.

Is there Internet access for staff?

Staff may have access to a computer with the Internet during office hours. As the number of computers is limited, do not expect to be able to use the Internet in every break. There’s free WiFi in each centre.

What do I need to bring to the centre with me?

Towels and bed linen are provided, but toiletries are not. It is not advised to bring valuables as we do not guarantee that a safe will be available.

+Payment FAQs

How/when will I be paid?

Summer Staff are paid monthly on the last working day of the month, generally 2 weeks in arrears. Their wages will be transferred directly into their British bank account and they will receive their pay slip by through the email.

I do not have a British bank account, can I be paid another way?

Employee salaries can be paid into an international bank account, however the staff member will be responsible for paying any transfer fees, which will be deducted from their salary.

Do Twin Summer Schools pay holiday pay?

Twin pays statutory holiday pay; this is paid on a monthly basis.

+Teaching in Twin Summer Schools FAQs

Am I qualified to work as a teacher in a Twin Summer School?

If you have, at least, the CELTA, Trinity TESOL, or an equivalent* and a University degree, you are qualified to work in one of our summer schools. We also take on teachers with QTS (i.e. a PGCE - in English - and at least one year experience).

* The qualification must be externally validated by a reputable examination body and/or accredited by a national accrediting body; Candidates must have at least six hours supervised teaching practice; and at least 100 hours of ELT or TESOL input.

Do teachers have to take part in activities and excursions?

In the residential centres teachers take part in activities every day in either the afternoon or evening on a rotational basis. They also go on one full and/ or one half day excursion per week. In Ravensbourne teachers participate in one hour afternoon activity every weekday and go on a full-day excursion on Saturdays.

What will I teach?
You may be asked to teach General English, business English and employability skills, Trinity exam preparation, or other specialist courses as required.
How old are the students?

The age of students varies for each centre; our standard age range is 8-18.

How many students are in a class?

We have a maximum of 16 students in a class.

What resources are provided?

Twin follows a curriculum that is written specifically for summer centres. Readily usable, they require little preparation and photocopying. There are a limited number of photocopiable resource books on site, but it is intended that teachers will for the most part adhere to the prescribed syllabus.

Are classes observed?

You will be observed at least twice by the Director of Studies and/or the Head of Seasonal Schools in the interest of quality control and teacher development. Twin Summer Centres have also implemented peer observation system to better support teachers. Classes may also be observed by British Council representatives as a routine part of their assessment. Group leaders may also request to observe lessons so they can learn about our methods. You will be given advance notice if a group leader wishes to observe your class. .

Will I have access to a photocopier?

All teaching staff will have access to a photocopier. However, Twin is an ECO school, and as such provides a syllabus, which keeps photocopying to a minimum.

Please note that the use of a photocopier must be in compliance with the CLA licensing.

Am I qualified to work as a Director of Studies?

If you are diploma qualified (Delta or equivalent) and have 3 years EFL teaching experience then you can apply for the position of Director of Studies.

+Getting to the centre FAQs

Do Twin pay travel expenses?

Twin do not pay travel expenses for centre staff; this includes travel for the inductions.

Non-residential (London only) staff will be required to make their own way to their centre. For those staying in a homestay and using public transport, we aim to place you in accommodation within a 45 minute commute of the campus; however, there can be external influences which make travel time longer.

If you are moved from one centre to another during your contract, we will reimburse that expense on production of a valid receipt.

Please note that for residential centres, staff will be based on-site and no commuting to the centre will be required.

+Post Summer FAQs

Will I be able to use Twin as a reference after working in a summer centre?

Twin HQ will be able to provide a reference confirming the dates that you worked for Twin, your position and areas of responsibility.

Are returning staff rewarded with any benefits?

We value returning staff and usually give them priority when it comes to assigning staff to centres. We like to promote from within Twin whenever possible and our managerial staff are often staff members who started off working with Twin Summer Centres in a role with less responsibility and worked their way up. There is also a one-off loyalty bonus paid each year to returning staff.

Who should I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?

If your question is not answered above you should send an email to

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