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Twin Summer Centres

Have fun and gain valuable work experience in a variety of positions.

How to apply

Work for Twin

Our Aims

Our aim is to be recognised in the market as being a trusted provider of high quality summer centre programmes in a variety of locations across the UK and Ireland. We want our students to have an enjoyable and educational summer which they will remember forever! 

As a valued member of our team, we want to give you the opportunity to develop your professional and personal skills, gain experience, enhance your CV and, most importantly, have a rewarding summer. 

Our Expectations

We want dedicated, hard-working and enthusiastic teams to support our summer centres. We want to build a network of staff, no matter what the role, who are keen to return to our summer centres and repeat the experience year after year. 

The key aim for all of our teams is to work together to provide the best trip for our students, ensuring that they have an enjoyable, productive and memorable summer whilst maintaining a focus on their safety and welfare. 


How staff found working with us?

‘The atmosphere of the centre was very friendly and welcoming. All of my colleagues were very helpful whenever I needed them and the managers helped me go through all of the problems that I had to deal with. Overall, it was very fortunate that I worked in a very friendly environment’.  - Activity Leader

‘I really enjoyed working for Twin. I had a great team of teachers, who were not only wonderful professionals but also fantastic friends, who did their best to help me every step of the way and to make sure that the students enjoy classes and activites’. - Director of Studies

‘Enjoyed the more interactive training this year was more engaging, keep it this way’. - Activity Manager

‘The activity programme this year was planned to detail, the plans provided very thorough and "user-friendly" so I believe that almost all of them worked very successfully’ - Activity Manager

 ‘I was glad this year we had a lot of extra materials, such as the Timesaver books, pair work, etc. which are great resources to plan speaking activities different from what the coursebook may offer’.  - EFL Teacher + Activity Leader

‘Throughout the whole period everyone has always been very supporting’. - EFL Teacher

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