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Having a fun-filled time at Twin’s English summer camps – one of the best and easiest ways to improve your English

What is an English Summer Camp?

It’s a well-known fact that the best way to learn a foreign language is in a country where that language is spoken, and also that children and young people are able to pick up foreign languages a lot faster than adults. This is why junior summer camps in the UK are a great way for young people to learn English, and what’s more, they’re great fun. Twin Summer Centres operates a number of summer camps in England for young people looking to improve their English as well as have a fun and memorable holiday in the UK.

At an English summer camp you’ll spend some of your time in English classes with other students from around the world, and the rest of your time joining in with exciting activities and excursions. With Twin Summer Centres, you’ll study for 15 hours per week with professional teachers, who know how to make sure that you enjoy learning. Based on an assessment of your English level, age and first language, you’ll be placed into a class that is suited to you and that has a well-balanced nationality mix, (so you’ll have to speak English with any new friends you make!). Each week you’re at the summer camp will have its own theme, related to what you’ve been up to that week; for example, if you’ve been exploring London, you might have discussions about what you’ve learnt and seen. Classes include lots of fun activities like role plays and pair work, and before long you’ll be so confident speaking English you’ll probably forget you’re in class and feel like you’re just hanging out with your friends!


The other important part of your stay at a summer school is the activity programme. Depending on which summer centre you choose to visit, activities and excursions will vary, however all ensure you have a really good time in the UK. During the afternoons, depending on what your interests are, you might be able to take part in activities such as sports, drama and treasure hunts. In the evening, there are discos, quiz nights and talent shows. At most centres you will also have one full day and one half day excursion per week. These excursions could be to places like Brighton, London or Cambridge, which each have their own unique, exciting attractions, so you might be able to have traditional English fish and chips on Brighton Pier, or go punting on the River Cam in Cambridge.


The best part about coming to an English summer camp is that you won’t realise how much you’re learning because you’ll be having such a good time and making new friends, it’s more like a holiday than anything else! Twin’s summer schools have a really high nationality mix, so because you won’t speak your new friends’ languages you’ll be speaking English all the time and you are bound to improve massively without even realising it. Plus, once you’ve finished your summer camp course you’ll be able to keep in touch with your friends and carry on practising English, and who knows, it might mean you’ll be able to visit them and see even more of the world, (although, hopefully, you’ll enjoy your experience at one of the summer camps enough to come back for another summer if you can!).


So, if you want to have a fun-filled summer with friends, and improve your English at the same time, visiting a summer camp in the UK is definitely a great way to go! Now all you have to do is decide which summer school you want to go to…

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