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8 Benefits of Studying Abroad

Why summer camp is bound to give you the summer to remember!

8 Benefits of Studying Abroad at Summer Camp

Studying abroad at summer camp is a truly enriching, fun and enjoyable experience and is a holiday that everyone should have the chance to go on at some point during their childhood. Though it might seem like a big, scary step to send your child away to a foreign country for the summer holidays, there are so many benefits of studying in the UK at a summer centre. From learning English to developing their confidence, we have listed 8 reasons why your child will have a summer to remember when studying abroad at one of our English Summer Schools!

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The best way to learn English

Learning English is a great advantage and where better to learn it than in the UK? English summer centres offer children the perfect change to immerse themselves in English and start to learn this universal language (plus it gets harder as you get older…). English will be all around the children as they study in British Council accredited schools, chat with other students and travel around to visit local attractions. Learning English at a summer school will also be so much more exciting than studying at home in a stuffy classroom, as teachers will make learning fun by including trips to famous cities, iconic landmarks and beautiful beaches.

Make new friends

On summer camp your child is bound to make plenty of new friends as they meet students from around the world. Most children often make friends for life as they bond over social activities and excursions, and your child will surely come home with plenty of memories that they have shared with their new friends.

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Travel somewhere new

Studying abroad at a summer centre is a great chance for your child to fulfil a bit of wanderlust and go travelling someplace new. Your child will be able to explore famous cities in the UK, visit top attractions, see iconic landmarks, relax on beautiful beaches and discover museums – so don’t let them leave without a camera! Studying English whilst exploring the UK will be extremely valuable to your child, because their experience will be more rewarding if they can order food, interact with locals and understand directions.

Gain new experiences

Summer is the perfect chance to try new experiences, whether that is going surfing for the first time or exploring a new city. Your child will have every opportunity to get involved in travel, sports and group activities, which will give them the chance to grow as an individual and learn more about themselves.

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Have A LOT of fun

There is no doubt that your child will have so much fun during summer camp. Having fun is one of the most important aspects of studying abroad and any summer centre will make sure that the students are kept entertained with social activities, sports, fun games and excursions – bring on the summer to remember!

Develop life skills

As your child learns to travel on their own, live without your parental guidance and make their own decisions, they will surely develop essential life skills and become more independent. Not only will they acquire a second language which will look impressive on their future CVs, they will also develop new strengths and abilities and learn how to overcome new challenges.

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Build confidence

There is no doubt that your child will build more self-confidence whilst studying abroad. The break from home will help your child to become more independent, have more confidence in their abilities and develop a greater self-esteem. Having more confidence will be vital for your child’s future, as it will benefit them when applying for jobs and when attending college or university.

Appreciate cultures from all around the world

Studying abroad is not just all about learning English and its local culture, it is also the perfect chance to learn to appreciate other cultures from around the world. English summer centres receive international students from a wide variety of different countries, so your child will have the opportunity to mix with them and learn about their culture and language – and who knows if they become good enough friends, they might even have the chance to go on holiday to their country!

These are just 8 reasons why we think children benefit from studying abroad in the UK. Can of any other awesome benefits? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Written by Alissa Johnson


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